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PDF AutoFolder 

PDF AutoFolder is a professional PDF imposition software. It is ideal for both digital printing and offset printing. 


PDF AutoFolder supports the following binding schemes.


1. Perfect Bound
2. Saddle Stitched
3. Step and Repeat
4. Cut and Stack
5. Booklet Maker
6. Stack and Fold
7. Sectional Perfect Bound
8. Sectional Saddle Stitched
9. Multiple Webs


PDF AutoFolder supports hot-folder based automation. It can automatically impose files and folders dropped to hot-folder with predefined imposition settings.


PDF AutoFolder includes pre-defined JDF standard folding schemes, and also supports custom defined folding schemes.


PDF AutoFolder supports Intelligent Mark Positioning technology, which allows you to precisely position marks or barcodes on sheet or on page. Mark or barcode can automatically adjust its position based on sheet size, margins, gutters and page size.


PDF AutoFolder supports Job Profile. It allows you to save a job as a profile. A job profile has all the settings including binding scheme, template, marks, etc. except the input documents. A new job can be quickly created by loading the job profile and adding new input documents.


 Please search "PDF AutoFolder" and download it from Microsoft Windows Store.


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